As many of us are aware, content marketing plays a huge role in many different B2B and B2C marketing strategies. Whether focusing on our digital, social, traditional, face-to-face, or PR marketing strategies, content is a focus of each strategy we implement. Content cannot be ignored. There are three elements all marketers must consider and include when developing content for any marketing strategy.

Three elements of Content Marketing

  1. Brand Consistency
  • Always stay true to your brand. The content you create should carry the same tone, voice, and feeling that is communicated throughout all aspects of your brand. Be sure not to have too many ‘cooks in the kitchen’ when it comes to who creates and publishes your content. It can be easy to lose tone and brand voice when there are multiple authors creating content for your target audience and prospective clients.


  1. Authority
  • Create content that establishes authority on the topic and positions your company and brand as an industry thought leader and subject matter expert. By creating content that establishes authority you are sure to leave an impact and successfully reach your target audiences.


  1. Awareness
    • Ensure the content your business is pushing out through your chosen marketing channels is being done purposely and thoughtfully, so it is reaching your target audience and creating awareness across your marketplace or industry. Make sure you have evaluated the proper communication channels for each particular piece of content to be distributed to allow you to track success and influence the best you can.

A consistent well-thought content marketing strategy should not be disregarded when planning your business’ next marketing goals and strategies.