Emails, Google Ads, web banners, social media ads, emails, and more emails! Sound (or look) familiar?

It seems these days we are constantly bombarded with digital marketing. Whether in a B2C or B2B setting, receiving promotional content using various digital marketing channels is something we have become accustomed too.

Don’t get me wrong, digital marketing content is important, very important to your marketing strategy, however, there is one marketing channel that is being underutilized—Direct Mail. Whether it is due to budget constraints or the lack of being able to track immediate success and ROI of these types of marketing campaigns, they have become less likely to make an appearance and hold importance in marketing strategies and planning. With such crowded and saturated digital platforms, the time has come to consider direct mail again.

Take advantage of a tried and true channel of communication, which seems to have been left out of many marketing strategies as of late. When digital marketing is coming at us on so many different platforms, consider making your message stand out and deliver it to your audience through the mailbox.

If planned out with the right strategy, creative content that speaks to your prospective client, and even some unique packaging or shape to it, the success of a direct mail campaign may surprise you.  More importantly, it may leave just enough of a lasting impression on your target audience that they follow up on your call to action. Do not underestimate the power of the mailbox.