We all know the products and services we provide and market to our customers inside and out. We are masters of our trade. We each invest time to become subject matter experts in one field or another. All of those things are must-dos when it comes to allocating time to marketing and selling our brand. But what about your customers? How much time are you spending getting to know them and considering them when developing your marketing plans?

Discovering your customers or prospective customers and investing the time to get to know who they are, how they work, what their day-to-day routines, challenges, and successes look like should be just as important to you when developing your marketing strategies, as the positioning of your products and services is.

So, how can we really get to know our customers better?

Set aside time in your schedule for customer connection activities. Go out and observe them in their element. Watch their interactions with their customers. Ask them what challenges they face. Identify their pain points and make connections of how your product or service might help alleviate those problems. Learn what marketing channels your customers prefer to interact with day to day. Simply put, spend time with your customers and prospective target audience.

Implementing customer connection into your marketing strategy will allow you to be in a position to begin to present your customers and prospects with a solution to their challenges that you have observed they experience before they have to vocalize their needs to you—because you have invested the time in getting to know them. Customer connection will help guide your marketing messaging and assure you are using the most effective channels for your marketing content.

Take the time to discover your customers. Know your customers as well as you know your products and services. Customer Connection should be a key element you consider when you develop your next marketing strategy.