Email Marketing, Social Media, Direct Mail Brochures, Pop-up Advertisements, Newsletters, Videos, Websites and more. The list of communication channels used in the B2B world is endless these days. While all very effective if used correctly and following a solid marketing strategy, it can all still make for very crowed and noisy market.

If your prospective clients and target audiences live in the B2B world, then this Insight is for you: It is no longer feasible to believe your product or service can sell itself or attract new clients on its’ own anymore without anything else supporting it. The market is just too crowded.

A solid marketing plan and content strategy are two must-haves when it comes to attracting your desired B2B clients and successfully selling your product or service offering. Marketing content that surrounds your products and services through a variety of communication channels provides your sales team with the tools they need to close deals and win new clients.

We should consider (3) different types of content when developing a marketing plan and content strategy to attract your target audience from the moment they are introduced to your brand, all the way through the sale of your product or service.

Type 1: Brand Awareness

This type of content should communicate high-level brand awareness. Think of this as your introductory marketing content: high-level company overview, introduction to the breadth of product or service offerings you have. This is your opportunity establish your brand voice and tone and identify with your B2B target market. You need this level of content when introducing your company to a prospective client for the first time.

Type 2: Evaluation against the Competition

Once a desired B2B prospect has gotten to know your company and brand a bit, it is time to provide content that begins to get them a little more comfortable with who you are and communicates more specific to their needs. This is where your target market will learn a more in depth knowledge of your products and services. They will learn about the credibility you have in your industry and feel they have enough information to evaluate you against the competition.

Type 3: Trustworthy Purchase Decision

This level of content needs to communicate your value proposition and convey the message that choosing your product or service offering is really the best decision and fit for your prospective client. This marketing content gets a little deeper, connects more with your prospects specific needs, and closes the deal.

Once you develop a sales tool chest of these various types of marketing content and materials, and launch them through the communication channels that best reach your target audience in the B2B world, your sales team will have all the support they need to sell your products and services and grow your business.