Marketing in the world we live in today gives us many channels and outlets to push our message and our brand out through. It is overwhelming. It can be confusing. And it can get out of hand… quick. Choosing the right marketing channel, while with good intentions, often times leads to choosing to push content out through it all—social media, email, traditional print, digital advertisements, direct mail campaigns, and on, and on, and on; simply because it seems everyone does and why not use what we have available?

Let’s change that thinking. Your brand doesn’t have to be everywhere for everyone. There is no need to push messaging and marketing out through every outlet just because. The goal should be for your brand to stand out among your competitors and to your prospective customers vs. blend in among the noise.

Focus on creating content and messaging to push your brand awareness out through the Optimal Marketing Channel (s) that work for your business, your target audience, and your customers. And forget the rest. For example, you don’t think your audience are large consumers of every social media platform? Perfect. Then don’t focus your marketing efforts there just because everyone else is. Rather, focus on the Optimal Marketing Channels that will create brand awareness for you and make a difference. Perhaps your target audience and customer base would better consume your messaging through daily, weekly, or monthly email campaigns and targeted direct mail—then those should be your focus for marketing and your Optimal Marketing Channels. Don’t feel the pressure to do it all. Choose what works for your brand and forget the rest.

Amy Sublett- Owner, WordHouse Marketing