One of the main goals behind creating marketing content and messaging is to keep your audience engaged, interested, and best case scenario prompt them to take some sort of action to connect with your brand. Seems like common sense, right? While the concept seems elementary, many brands struggle with developing and implementing a consistent tone and voice to carry throughout all of their marketing content. A consistent voice defines the personality of your brand. A consistent voice helps your brand stand apart from your competition.

To successfully engage and connect your brand with your target audience(s) you must make developing your brand personality a priority in your marketing & sales strategies. Your brand voice will be the base for all of your marketing and sales channels. Your tone and brand representation must be consistent among your various marketing and sales efforts. By checking this box, you will be creating a personality for your brand.

To ensure your brand has consistent voice, make sure you have a solid content strategy in place. This will act as a guide for the output of all of your marketing and sales content. The goal is for your target audience(s) to recognize your brand voice over your competition.

Here are few things to keep in mind when creating your brand voice & personality:

  • Consistent vocabulary across all marketing & sales channels
  • Format & Brand Image
  • Tone
  • Sentence fragments are OK—Content can be casual and professional at the same time. Marketing content can break some rules of grammar when creating your brand voice.
  • Be unique

Don’t underestimate the power and importance of developing a personality for your brand. You need to engage with your audience in unique and consistent ways to connect them with your brand and to take action. Enable your brand voice to rise to the top among the noise.