In the world of marketing where the possibilities are endless when choosing the appropriate platform, strategy, method, and message for your marketing objectives, there is one key performance indicator you should make sure you have checked the box on: You have SMART marketing objectives.

S-Specific: Your marketing goals should be outlined and clearly defined.

M-Measurable: Identify some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure campaign success.

A-Achievable: Ensure your objectives are within the ability of the teams you have in place.

R- Relevant: Your objectives should relate directly to your brand and direction of your business.

T- Timely: Make sure there is a beginning and end to complete each objective.

Once you have outlined and developed your marketing plans and audited the objectives of your plan against the SMART method, you should have confidence to move forward with implementing a solid and successful strategy.

Market Well. Market Consistently. Market SMART.